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What is Antique Fly Fishing Tackle


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What is Fly Fishing Equipment?

When we talk about antique fly fishing tackle, we mean the equipment used by people when they are fishing. Hooks, weights, reels, baits, lures, nets, hooks, flies are some of the instruments used by an angler and considered as gear.

In previous times to capture the fish, these tools for fishing as the rings for the rod, the hooks, and others as the flies came in very classic presentations for the time that generally were very peculiar boxes, however, at present, you have sites like Maxcathfishing where you find a great variety of antique fly fishing tackle to make your day of fishing a complete pleasure.

Fly Fishing Equipment


Ultra-lite Fly Rod for Streams Panfish/Trout Fishing is a combo with the necessary accessories for a splendid day of fishing, it is a real fly fishing tackle box that comes with a lightweight fishing rod, with a length of 1.8 meters, weighing 73 grams, made of IM10 graphite and carbon fiber, cork handle, with a wooden insert reel base and CNC aluminum reel seat, hard chrome guides, and durable Cordura rod tube.

This rod is ideal for fishing in small streams, the fly reel with 1 to 1 ratio, with two ball bearings, 1 unidirectional bearing, the drag system is Teflon disc, built-in aluminum and with large gazebo reel diameter, also this fly fishing gear equipment comes with a beautifully designed box containing 12 waterproof flies.

All in a sanity case and an attractive zipper bag.

Antique fly fishing tackle has evolved over the years, and there is talk of fly fishing dating back to two. 000 before Christ and this is supported by paintings and engravings of that time where clearly it is observed to the men fishing doing use of fishing rods with lines tied to her, although there is strong evidence that in Macedonia it is where the use of the equipment arises for the fly fishing, the natives used an insect called Hippouros that is then responsible for the flies that are used nowadays imitating it.

Components of an antique fly fishing tackle

In the beginning, they were made of a Chinese bamboo called Tonkin which had unmatched characteristics of hardness, strength, and flexibility. With the evolution of technology today they are made of glass fiber and carbon fiber with more advanced features, the most common lengths are between seven and eleven feet, the type of rod to use will depend on the type of fish you want to fish, the place where the fishing will be done and also the tastes and habits of the fisherman, it plays a decisive role in the launch of the line and is the support when the fight with the fish.

The line is an essential part of an antique fly fishing tackle, in the antiquity, it was manufactured with silkworm guts, horse mane bristles, vegetable fibers, stretched animal tendons, with the advance and invention of nylon this has resulted in the best material for a fishing line, for its resistance and flexibility conditions, camouflage and minimum weight, there are several categories such as Rocket Taper have the weight at the end and are used to achieve distance, Double Taper have the weight in the middle and thin tips, are used for fishing in streams and creeks and Shooting Tapers with the weight in the tip reach a great distance, also are classified with numbers from 000 to 15.

Reels, this component serves to store the line, have a brake to make the fight with the fish manageable. The weight and dimensions of the reel should depend on the type of rod used.

Backing is the component that ties the line to the reel and has the line in case of a big fight with the fish.

Flies are the artificial lures used to resemble a fly or anything that the fish eat insects, fish, or crustaceans, usually are made manually with materials such as thread, feathers, and synthetic materials.

Wader, is a waterproof garment, from the feet to the chest, used to get into the river without getting wet, are manufactured in PVC, neoprene as in low-temperature rivers its insulating capacity protects you from the cold.

It does not matter if you are an experienced angler or a beginner or an amateur, fly fishing is an ancient and fun pastime, it goes back to the past and tradition governs its behavior, this tradition knowing that there are many reasons to take a fish out, is truly an art that makes fly fishing special for the human spirit.


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