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Удилище Dually Rod REDINGTON™

The original Dually proved that two hands are better than one, so the progression of this two-handed rod was simple. We lightened the overall rod weight, improved tip stability, and completely updated the handle, while still coming in at less than $300. Whether you’re wanting to be more efficient on your local trout stream or are in search of wild steelhead, the new Dually features rod weights and lengths to cover bodies of water from the Skeena to the MO and everything in between.

Наименование Скидки Наличие Цена Кол-во
REDINGTON Удилище 7113-4 Dually Rod w/tube 7WT 11'3 4pc Скидок нет В наличии нет, только "под заказ" 15840 
Более 5-ти штук Менее 5-ти штук Cроки уточняйте у менеджера Нет в наличии
Действует накопительная скидка Накопительные скидки ограничены Скидки не действуют