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Корзинка для шнура поясная WILLIAM JOSEPH™

Картинка по адресу /media/products/wj/strippingbasket.jpg

Our take is that stripping baskets are a ?necessary pain in the butt?, they are bulky and you are always reaching for them or pushing them out of the way, it's always something. Well around here we feel the best piece of equipment is the one you take for granted, it is always right where you need it and never where you don?t , it works every time without requiring much thought. What we have just described to you is the WilliamJoseph Stripping basket. It acts as a wading belt, a utility belt (holds tools, water, etc.) however, when it is time to fish, simply give it a yank and out pops the basket, ready to catch your line.

Наименование Скидки Наличие Цена Кол-во
WILLIAM JOSEPH Корзинка для шнура Stripping Basket Скидок скидка ограничена В наличии нет, только "под заказ" 2900 
Более 5-ти штук Менее 5-ти штук Cроки уточняйте у менеджера Нет в наличии
Действует накопительная скидка Накопительные скидки ограничены Скидки не действуют