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Кусачки 3 в 1 3-in-1 Clipper (CFA-43)

A line clipper with replaceable blades that comes with a threader holder.

An aluminum plate has been added to the receiving part where the blade hits, and it has evolved into a sharper line clipper. The blade held by the magnet can be easily replaced, so you can use it while maintaining its sharpness at all times. A threader holder is built into the clipper, and the eye cleaner and threader inside are useful for changing flies during times of low light. Please use the magnet on the clipper surface as a fly catcher.

  • The 3-in-1 clipper is a unique accessory that combines a frequently used clipper, threader, and eye cleaner into one.
  • When using the threader, pull out the threader from the main unit as shown in the figure. The threader can be removed.
  • Comes with one standard and one midge size short threader and three spare blades.
  • The clipper blade is held by the magnetic force of the magnet.


Наименование Скидки Наличие Цена Кол-во
C&F DESIGN Кусачки 3 в 1 3-in-1 Clipper (CFA-43) Скидок скидка ограничена Более 5-ти штук в наличии 2800 
Более 5-ти штук Менее 5-ти штук Cроки уточняйте у менеджера Нет в наличии
Действует накопительная скидка Накопительные скидки ограничены Скидки не действуют