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Конусные подлески SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS™ Absolute Salmon

Scientific Anglers Absolute Salmon Leader 9ft.

Absolute - this is the short and concise name of the new leader range from Scientific Anglers.

All Absolute monofilament leaders from Scientific Anglers are made from a special nylon blend that drastically reduces the absorption of water while ensuring optimum suppleness for high knot strength. Absolute nylon leaders and tippets have 29% higher wet knot strength compared to previous Scientific Anglers materials and up to 40% higher wet knot strength compared to many other products on the market. SA's new Absolute range comes with environmentally friendly paper-based packaging and is now 100% recyclable. All materials, inks and other components of the packaging are fully biodegradable to protect our rivers and oceans and reduce our ecological footprint.

The Absolute Salmon Leader is 9 ft. (2.74 m) long and is particularly suitable for fishing with shorter two-handed or single-handed rods on small and medium-sized Salmon rivers. The strong butt section of the tapered leader ensures that the energy from the cast is perfectly carried along. The progressive taper allows for a harmonious reel out and a clean presentation. The material is particularly supple so that your tube or hook fly lands softly on the water. In short: a very high quality, shorter leader for Salmon, Steelhead and Sea Trout in the river


Leader for Salmon, Steelhead and Sea Trout fishing in the river
Material: smooth monofilament
Universal taper
29% higher wet knot strength than previous models
High abrasion resistance
UV-resistant (even long exposure to sunlight does not reduce the carrying capacity)
100% recyclable packaging
Material: 100% monofilament
Colour: clear
Length: 9 ft (2.74 m)
1 pc/pack

Наименование Скидки Наличие Цена Кол-во
SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS Конусный подлесок Absolute Salmon Leader 9' 0,33 mm Clear Скидок скидка ограничена Более 5-ти штук в наличии 1100 
Более 5-ти штук Менее 5-ти штук Cроки уточняйте у менеджера Нет в наличии
Действует накопительная скидка Накопительные скидки ограничены Скидки не действуют