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Шнур для морской воды Tropical OutBound Short RIO

Ultra powerful, easy casting line built for exceptionally long casts.

RIO's Tropical OutBound Short series of lines are designed for fishing in hot climates. A short, aggressive front taper easily casts large and weighted flies very long distances, while the powerful head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for effortless casts. A range of densities make this a very versatile line series. Each line features RIO's XS technology for super slick performance, and is built with a hard, tropical coating that ensures the line does not wilt in the heat.

The three densities available are: 1) A full floating line (F), 2) A floating line with a 30 ft intermediate head (clear and then blue)(F/I), and 3) A floating line with a 15ft clear intermediate tip (F/I)

  • Front loaded to cast large flies with ease
  • Designed for easy distance
  • XS Technology for a super slick coating
  • Welded loops for fast rigging

Картинка по адресу /media/products/rio/tropicaloutboundshorttaper.jpg

АртикулКлассЦветВесДлина головкиПлавучестьПолная длина
6-21828WF6FDark Olive/Ivory235gr 15.2gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21829WF7FDark Olive/Ivory265gr 17.2gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21830WF8FDark Olive/Ivory330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21831WF9FDark Olive/Ivory375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21832WF10FDark Olive/Ivory425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21833WF11FDark Olive/Ivory465gr 30.1gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21834WF12FDark Olive/Ivory510gr 33.1gm30ft 9.1mFloat100ft 30.5m
6-21835WF8F/IClear Tip/Blue/Ivory330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-21836WF9F/IClear Tip/Blue/Ivory375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-21837WF10F/IClear Tip/Blue/Ivory425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-21838WF11F/IClear Tip/Blue/Ivory465gr 30.1gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-21839WF12F/IClear Tip/Blue/Ivory510gr 33.1gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20900WF7F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass265gr 17.2gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20901WF8F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20902WF9F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20903WF10F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20904WF11F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass465gr 30.1gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m
6-20905WF12F/I15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass510gr 33.1gm30ft 9.1mFlt/1.5 ips100ft 30.5m

Наименование Скидки Наличие Цена Кол-во
RIO Шнур Tropical Outbound Short, WF11F Coldwater Ivory/Moss Скидок скидка ограничена Менее 5-ти штук в наличии 2220 
RIO Шнур Tropical Outbound Short, WF11F, Dark Olive/Ivory Скидок скидка ограничена Менее 5-ти штук в наличии 7360 
RIO Шнур Tropical Outbound Short, WF8F, Dark Olive/Ivory Скидок скидка ограничена Менее 5-ти штук в наличии 7360 
RIO Шнур Tropical Outbound Short, WF9F, Dark Olive/Ivory Скидок скидка ограничена Менее 5-ти штук в наличии 7360 
Более 5-ти штук Менее 5-ти штук Cроки уточняйте у менеджера Нет в наличии
Действует накопительная скидка Накопительные скидки ограничены Скидки не действуют